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The establishment and development of Kentship is a good explanation of the economic miracle of Taiwan. Since 1977, established in Taichung port, the Kentshjp has made a big progress in the marine field.

As a port agent from the beginning, and with islandwide service network, Kentship has won a good reputation in marine field, not only from customers, but also from the competitors ,and Kentship established a good relationship with the owners and charterers all over the world, authority, custom house etc concerning parties.

A significant move took place in 1980, Kentship started a business of packing wheat, fertilizer in Taiwan area for a leading U.S. trading company. With quality service and true manner, Kentship gets many business hereafter. Thanks to this business and here reliable relation with many customers, Kentship develops the whole business line including port agent, general shipping sets up her own fleet to achieve shipowner's status.

Through the developing years, the company employs experienced and professional staff to handle the jobs that customers assign to her, and outcome proved to be qualified and reliable. In the future, We will request ourselves to be more hardworking to meet the increasingly specialized requirements of ship owners and charterers in the trading world.
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