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Ownership Operation
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Shipping transportation plays an important role in the world-with ever growing international trading . It links the commercial activities in different continents through nearly three-quarter of global surface-ocean and seas. Since 1986, Kentship has been engaged in the establishment of a fleet, diversification, as well as maritime transportation.

Owing to full support from clients and our hardworking staff, Kentship has successfully accomplished all the phases of "Expansion Project". At present, it owns and operates various vessels, ranging from 8,000 tons to 40,000 tons DWT. We are convinced that they have offered good worldwide shipping services.

Kentship has had strong ties with about 700 maritime companies and trading firms in more than 30 countries, since it was established in Taiwan. In the future, additional capacity will join in our fleet to expand service if business is running as programed.

Aside from ownership operation, Kentship also offer service as may as required by our existing or prospective principals as follows:
-Vessel's management
-Other activities related with ship operation
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